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Eros: Chapter 4 -RoTG-
                                                                                 Chapter Four
His black heart pounded inside his ribcage, the booming sound of his heartbeat echoing in the empty halls along with the wicked thunderous roars that screamed insults at him. The voices chasing after him as his spidery legs scrambled beneath him to get away.
Get away. Get away. Get away.
Terror pulsed through his veins, his inky black blood turning into ice water, his hair standing up on the back of his neck and corpse-like skin as chills
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Eros: Chapter 3 -RoTG-
                                                                                  Chapter Three
It was something unnatural to Pitch, it was simply something that he never did. He had no need to, or rather he simply didn't want to, sleep took up time. Time that could be used for plotting and planning domination, perfecting his beautiful nightmares, defeating the guardians and how to escape this blasted sealed palace.
Yes, he was the King of Nightmares. Yes, it was his duty (in his eyes anyway) to petrify mortals in fear by infecting their precious dreams with a single touch, among other things.
No, he did not sleep.
Lately, ever since his defeat by the Guardians, he would feel fatigue and sheer exhaustion. His razor sharp mind would grow weary, his eyelids feeling as if stones w
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Eros: Chapter 2 -RoTG-
                                                                                 Chapter Two
Pitch had found something else to comfort him as time went on, something other than the darkness that once filled that role of a safety blanket.
It was sappy. It was pathetic. It was idiotic. It was... human.
He scoffed at that word, his pride and narcissism preventing himself from even thinking for a millisecond that he was like a human. But, he could not deny the fact that his new comfort came from something as idiotic as love. Or rather, the thought of love.
Did he actually love something? No, he had to be realistic. He was in love with the idea of love. Although, 'in love' was not the right phrase for what he was feeling. It was the closest way of putting these thoughts and feelings into w
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Eros: Chapter 1 -RoTG-
                                                                                  Chapter One
That was what it felt inside of him; it was a thick, heavy oily and black tendril that coiled and attacked his insides, leaving slick and slimy trails of white hot hatred among his ribcage. That was what he would describe the fear and loneliness that consumed him. The fear and loneliness that gobbled him up and sank their razor sharp teeth into his grey flesh and tear through him like the wind did to dandelion seeds.
Pitch Black hated this feeling,  yet he revelled in the thought of causing other people to feel this. His leathery cracked skin would tingle as sensations of making the children and adults scream in fear and shiver as terror attacked their bodies and creep into their
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Eros: Prologue -RoTG-
It was dark.
Darkness was something that he was used to, it was something that he could take comfort in. Comfort in the fact that the dark would always be there for him. It would be always waiting from him. He couldn't live without the darkness. It completed him. He would never be alone as long as the dark existed.
The dark would always be there to protect him, to shield him from the things that scared him.
It was funny. The fact that the Bogeyman would be scared of something. The Bogeyman, the manifestation of fear, the thing that parents would tell their children about to scared them straight. The Bogeyman being afraid of something so simple yet... it was everything but simple at the same time.
The thought, and rea
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Mature content
out there a lonely girl can drown :iconhotaru10join:Hotaru10join 1 1
KA Application -Hotaru Kurosaki by Hotaru10join KA Application -Hotaru Kurosaki :iconhotaru10join:Hotaru10join 2 3 i didn't draw this hotaruxuryu art by Hotaru10join i didn't draw this hotaruxuryu art :iconhotaru10join:Hotaru10join 3 0
55 Fiction: Flush
"I love you," Lance muttered, a light dusting of pink on his cheeks. I swallowed, my heart pounded as I tried to force out those words that were stuck in my throat; my heart ached as he waited expectantly. Sucking in a shaky breath, my lips curled into an awkward smile, "What are friends for?"
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CE: It's Not What You Think, Darling!
I-It's Not What You Think, Darling!
Marise tapped her foot softly against the black brick sidewalk under her; biting the inside of her cheek as she crossed her arms tightly in front of her chest. Her bright blue eyes flickered across the scenery in front of her; the light pollution of Tokyo easily overpowered the stars and the moon, the black-blue sky had been dyed a chaos of red, white, orange, yellow, neon green and pink, fluffy white snow was softly drifting down and would melt as soon as it touched her skin or hair. The sounds of hundreds of people chattering and cars and scooters zooming across the street, along with airplanes flying overhead rang in her ears.
She sighed heavily, a cloud of white ghosting in front of her lips; the sight of the dozen other couples sighing happily as they exchanged chocolates, scarves, ties and perfume or had hot chocolate together as they watched the snow fall or they simply held hands and whispered sweet nothings in each others' ears made h
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KH OC: nerissa
General Information
First name: nerissa
Age: 15
Date of birth: june 30
Race: human
Gender: female
Sexuality: bisexual
Current residence: twilight town
Relationship status: single
Social status: middle class
Traits of Voice
Accent (if any): could be compared to a boston accent.
Language spoken: english?
Other languages known: n/a
Style of speaking: in a 'haughty' tone,  complete with the "OH HO HO HO HO~" bitchy girl laugh that rich girls have.
Volume of voice: loud
Physical Appearence
Height: 5"4
Weight: 140 lbs
Eye colour: brown
Skin colour: dark brown
Shape of face: heart
Distinguishing features: her curly hair/afro
Build of body: rather toned, has more noticeable muscles despite having a curvier body shape with narrow shoulders.
Hair colour: black
Hair style: extremely curly bordering on afro. wears it usually pushed back ala women in 70s movies or just normally.
Complexion: clear and has soft skin thanks to her obsessing over it.
Posture: straight and
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HP OC - cassandra finnegan
Character Description
General Information
First name: cassandra
Middle name(s): amelia
Surname: finnegan (people think she's related to seamus finnigan for this reason)
Age: 11-17, 28
Date of birth: feburary 13 1980
Race: half-blood witch
Gender: female
Sexuality: straight
Current residence: manchester
Relationship status: single, for the most part
Social status: middle class
Traits of Voice
Accent (if any): well... she is english...
Language spoken: english
Other languages known: n/a
Style of speaking: "lazy tongued"
Volume of voice: quiet-medium
Physical Appearence
Height: 4"11 - 5"6
Weight: 75 lbs - 176 lbs
Eye colour: gray
Skin colour: olive
Shape of face: heart
Distinguishing features: dark bags under her eyes, bloodshot eyes. very tired looking, her lips are constantly chapped.
Build of body: gangly,
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Mature content
beautiful :iconhotaru10join:Hotaru10join 1 0
doctor doctor
You wake up in a cold room. The disgustingly sterile smell of a hospital invades your nostrils; you sneeze and shiver from how chilly the room is. You try to get up, but you can't, you look down at your body and notice that there are large, wide brown leather straps wrapped around your wrists, ankles, your waist and your torso. And you are wearing a thin white hospital gown and realize that THAT'S why your back and ass feel so ice cold, it's from the stainless steel table you've been strapped to.
What do you do next?

/try to wiggle out of the straps.
I'm sorry, I don't recognize that command.
/wiggle free
I'm sorry, I don't recognize that command
You attempt to wiggle out of your bonds, but it does nothing. You whimper in pain at the feeling of the rough leather scraping against your skin.
What do you do next?

You scream at the top of your lungs trying to get attention from any passersby that are wandering outside. No one comes, you don't
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Twitch -OCxUryu Fluff-
She didn't even know what she was doing here; sitting on a couch, alone, with him. Hotaru closed her eyes, hoping that her blushing wasn't too obvious. Her ring finger twitched as he rapped his own fingers on the rest of the couch; she swallowed painfully, wondering what in the hell he had called her for.
Hotaru jumped at the sound of Uryu getting up from his seat and taking slow, graceful steps into the kitchen. The sound of running water splashing in the steel sink and into a glass filled the tense air. Her eyes were still closed, her nails dug into her knee as the other hand's fingers continued to twitch, so she didn't notice the Quincy standing in front of her.
"Here, you seemed thirsty and all…"
She opened her eyes, blinking at the sight of the already sweating glass of water. The girl smiled as she shakily took the glass with both hands and took a sip. She smiled brightly at him, "Uhm… Ishida…Why did you call me here? Th-there's nothing wrong with that it's
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I Remembered You -OCxUryu Fluff-
"You're beautiful," Hotaru whispered, "I-I just wanted you to know that. I…care about you, you know!" Her cheeks burned with embarrassment, her fingers gripped the hem of her shirt as her eyes shifted from the ground and Uryu's face.
"What?" Uryu covered his mouth with a bandaged hand, he turned away from the girl; his heart was pounding inside his chest, where did this come from? He glanced over his shoulder; Hotaru was still standing there, trembling as she wiped her eyes with her wrist. Sucking in a shaky breath, he slowly turned towards the girl, his lips curled into a small and very awkward smile. "Wh-where did this come from?"
Hotaru shrugged, running a hand through her hair being careful to not accidentally knock off her strawberry hairclip. "I remembered you, that's when I knew you were special. I-I mean…"
The Quincy stepped towards Hotaru, cocking his head to the side at what she had said, "What do you mean? You 'remembered' me?"
A heavy sigh escaped Hotaru's lips, "
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my name is naru.

i'm really rather shy and borderline reluctant to make new friends, more because of myself but please don't be afraid of trying to talk to me! i have a lot of fandom ocs and none of them are really that good but i love pretending to make out with anime characters :heart:

my niece umi will also be using this account, please be nice!



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